Continue Lines

Continue converting lines for industrial roll production


Versatile and automatic, Continue Converting lines can tackle any type of roll production — with or without the core. Powered by the Sincro winding system, Continue Converting lines allow you to offer a range of applications in the consumer and industrial segments.

Flexibility in product range and performance

Efficiency and operator safety during product mix changes

Consistent quality control

Perini Proxima S6 - Continue Line

The roll rewinder machine Perini Proxima S6 is based on the proven Sincro winding system and has been designed for the production of industrial and consumer rolls up to 350mm diameter at a speed of 600m/min and a production output of 30log/min.

Thanks to the large size edge embosser rolls and ply-bonding wheels, the Perini Proxima S6 paper rewinder machine is capable of delivering high quality for any industrial product with an optimal log control during the winding phase, which is ensured by the side guide rails. Machine set up is fully automatic, thus making product changeover possible in less than 10 minutes, including core diameter change, while ensuring maximum safety for the operator, who can control the operations via HMI.