Press felts for board and paper machines

Excellent runnability and planned lifetime

Press felts and fabrics by Valmet

Valmet's press felts are always tailor-made to the specifications of each individual board and paper machine and position: paper grade, furnish, speed, dimensions. The proven world class press felt manufacturing technology ensures that our press felts respond to the highest customer expectations. High quality Valmet Press Felts deliver results in terms of lifetime, energy savings, sheet dryness and reliability.

Excellent runnability

Fast start-up

High sheet dry content


Valmet Press Felt EMX M 

is especially designed for board machines. The felt features long lifetime and stable running. The felt has enough water handling capacity to avoid crushing and high CMD stability to avoid wrinkles and folding. The felt structure is optimal against marking.

  • Strong 1+1 or 1+1+1 laminated structure
  • Felt openness and void volume is optimized for needed paper grades 
  • Paper side base fabric is optimized for smoothness

This felt style is used in both center press and linear press concepts in all positions.

Valmet Press Felt EMX M for board machines
Valmet Press Felt LMR

Valmet Press Felt LMR

LMR is a laminated modular felt which is adjustable with relatively open base fabrics.
Open, heavy structures for slower machines with “dirt” conditions. The style is typically used in packaging grades linear press concepts in all positions.

Valmet Press Felt TMO/SMO

The TMO/SMO felt delivers improved runnability and a fast start-up while enhancing nip dewatering. The Valmet TMO is an innovative press felt that combines the water removal properties of a conventional felt with the smoothness properties of a transfer belt.

The TMO manufacturing process impregnates polyurethane resin into the regular press felt structure. This special technology can be applied to endless felts (TMO) and to seam felts (SMO).

Valmet Press Felt TMO/SMO

Valmet Press Felt TSM

The safe, easy and quick installation of Valmet Press Felt TSM, a seamed felt, decreases the need of manpower and crane time. It is applicable for all board and paper grades and felt positions. It has a double or triple layer structure with monofilament yarns and the void volume and openess are adjustable.

Valmet Press Felt SPM

The SPM felt has relatively dense base stuctures for high nip dewatering.  It starts up immediately, provides good runnability without any edge-related issues. It does not mark nor rewet, is stable thorughout its long lifetime. It is typically used in high speed printing and writing machines.

Valmet Press Felt SPM

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High quality and the right fabric design to customer needs are the backbones for Valmet’s whole paper machine clothing offering: Valmet Forming Fabrics, Valmet Press Felts, Valmet Shoe Press Belts and Valmet Dryer Fabrics.

Seamed Valmet Press Felts let customers benefit from safe and quick installation and easy seaming. Overall costs fall, as less labor is needed to install the felt and the stoppages are relatively short.

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