Filter fabrics in board and paper making

Reliable performance for disc filters, twin wire presses and drum filters

Valmet provides high-quality filter fabrics for the stock preparation and recycled fiber processes. Our offering ranges from filter bags for disc filters to dewatering wires for twin wire presses and shrink fabrics for drum filters. All our fabrics are tailor-made to meet customers' specific needs.

High capacity

Excellent filtrate quality

High dry content

Operational reliability

Valmet Disc Filter Bags

Are customized to fit all kind of disc filter sectors. They are

  • easy to install
  • durable
  • cost-effective

and provide

  • high filter capacity
  • very good filtrate quality

Corrugated bag

The Valmet developed corrugated disc filter bag increases disc filter capacity even further. The unique fabric corrugation increases the surface area of the sector by 29% enhancing capacity by 10-25%. The structure also improves filter cake removal.

Valmet Pulp Press Fabrics

for twin wire presses. These fabrics are often prone to very harsh conditions, where abrasion and mechanical damage occurs. To avoid abrasion and mechanical damage, only the best raw materials are used to extend the operational life of the fabrics to the maximum.


Valmet Shrink Fabrics

for drum filters. The fabrics have an exeptional high shrink force, a low profile and a very strong woven loop seam. All these features contribute to long fabric lifetime.

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