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Valmet Tissue Rewinder technology

SEQUI is a Latin verb meaning “to follow”, that is the essence of Valmet's full support to tissue makers who want to reach excellence and profitability in tissue rewinding process. Explore the Valmet Focus™ Rewinder.


Extremely high attention is paid to safety, both active and passive. Valmet's Focus rewinders are matching the most demanding safety standards and comply with the strictest company rules all over the world.


Designed for optimum winding cycle, by speeding-up the reel changes thus reducing downtimes, shortening the acceleration and deceleration ramps, improving the accessibility, reducing and facilitating the maintenance.


Finished reels of perfect shape, very precise slitting, bulk and softness carefully controlled during the whole winding process are only few of the quality parameters that characterize the final products.


Features are differentiated from all other machines on the market: patented solutions for improved performance and attention to detail are the key factors of a remarkable superiority compared to the competition.

The winder as an enabler

Converting tissue paper into finished products is not always as straightforward as it might look, especially if the final product is to be folded. A step between the tissue machine and converting is often needed. That’s where the rewinder comes into play.

The most important thing is to select a rewinder that preserves the tissue quality generated in the tissue machine with equipment that can adapt to any future needs that may arise in your business. Instead of a possible future bottleneck, the rewinder may be your future enabler.

The range of Valmet's Focus rewinders is quite wide and satisfies the demand of the whole tissue makers world. 

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A wide range of options

Today Valmet can offer two models:


Focus Reelite T (Transformable)

Focus Reelite ENS (Electromechanical nostress)



Perfect automatic control on reel density

The “Electromechanical” relieving system is extremely effective and precise and assures perfect automatic control on reel density, especially on large diameters and high bulk finished reels. The control system and the algorithm to manage relieving actions are well proven by a large number of applications.


Focus Reelite Transformable with upgrading possibilties

The possibility of upgrading (scalability) from the basic hydraulic (H) shaftless configuration to the most advanced electromechanical (E) shafted is one of the extraordinary features offered by the “T” model. With limited investments it is possible to gradually improve over time the rewinder performance both in term of productivity and quality.


Innovators' voice

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Reelite Transformable T 15 HSL/HS T 15 E T 20HSL/HS T 20 E
Basis weight 12-40 gsm 12-40 gsm 12-40 gsm 12-40 gsm
Drive speed up to 1000/1800 m/min 1800 m/min  1000/1800 m/min  1800 m/min 
Finished reel up to 1500/2200 mm 2200 mm 1500/2500 mm 2500 mm
Trim width up to 3800 mm 3800 mm 5600 mm 5600 mm
Carrying drum 600 mm 600 mm 750 mm 750 mm


Focus Reelite ENS - a step ahead in the winding process

The unique finished reel removal system ENS (Electromechanical No Stress) removes the reel from the winding position when the target diameter is reached, using “Pulling instead of Pushing”. The system gently positions the finished reels on a Shuttle performing the operations related to an automatic reel change. The operations include web cross cut, loading of new cores in winding position, delivery on floor or on any handling equipment of finished reels set.

Focus Reelite ENS 20 ENS 25 ENS
Basis weight 12-40 gms 12-40 gms
Drive speed up to 1800 m/min 2000 m/min
Finished reel up to 2500 mm 2600 mm
Trim width up to 3800 mm 7000 mm
Carrying drum 750 mm 900 mm

SEQUI is also innovation

Well at least according to us at Valmet. We have created an acronym for the word SEQUI and the first four letters we explained above: Safety, Efficiency, Quality and Unicity.

The I stands for innovation. Becasue unlike "followers", meaning manufacturers who propose imitative solutions, but still technologically very distant, Valmet courageously pursue the path of innovation, constantly investing in research and development. Something that is clearly reflected in our rewinder products. 

The role of unwinders

The drive of the parent roll can be of three types:

1. typical peripheral transmission by belts
2. hybrid peripheral belts and center drive assist
3. pure center drive

In the first two cases the belt run is designed to have maximum width of the wrapping angle on the parent roll in order to reduce the specific pressure of the belts. The control system contributes to keep the pressure at a minimum level during the unwinding process.

In the unique Focus center drive the advantage is double: there is no contact on the paper and the required footprint is reduced due to the absence of the belt run. A sophisticated control system assures the optimal preservation of the original bulk.

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