Perini Horizon S8 Line


Leveraging our well-established Time with Punzoncini technology, this customizable line is the perfect choice for manufacturing soft, bulky products at high speed (up to 800m/min and 60log/min). Also, the Perini Horizon S8 Line offers the possibility to produce eco-friendly glue-less rolls.

High tech. High performance

The Perini Horizon S8 Line features the low-energy, low-noise Sincro-EVO exchange phase system on the rewinder and a peripherical-central hybrid system with Punzoncini technology 

Wide product mix

From soft, bulky products up to 200mm diameter, to glue-less rolls thanks to the Web Tuck system for core pick-up, not to forget glue-less tail sealing and water lamination with Aquabond technology. 

Significant savings

Going glue-less allows for the reduction of raw material cost, enables simpler cleaning and maintenance operations and minimizes waste disposal. 

Do you have any questions?

Do you have any questions?

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