With over 20,000 systems running in more than 100 countries worldwide we continue to support our customers’ business throughout and beyond the equipment lifecycle.

Affordable technology

Grant access to our high-end technological solutions also for projects with challenging budgets. 

Certified solutions

All pre-owned equipment is certified by us in terms of performance and efficiency 

Technical support

All our customer service solutions are available for all pre-owned equipment. 

Options for challenging budgets

Select4U is our new service to offer technological and reliable solutions for projects with a challenging budget. Our experts are available to provide customers with a technical and economical appraisal of the equipment they have procured from us so that they can decide whether to upgrade it or sell it.  

We also consider the possibility of trading in pre-owned equipment procured from us upon the purchase of a new line or in case customers decide to dispose of it. For all pre-owned equipment we also offer relocation, start up, spare parts and maintenance service to ensure production can start easily and quickly. 

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