Technical Improvement Programs (TIPs)

Explore upgrades & rebuild possibilities

Also known as TIP (Technical Improvement Program), this line of service aims at offering enhancements of the installed base to keep equipment always up to date and efficient.

TCO Optimization (total cost of ownership)

Enable customers to maximize realized value from their production asset over the lifecycle. 


Keep installed based up to date with the latest technology and make the best use of existing production capacity. 

Process improvement

Upgrade existing production capabilities to enhance overall operational efficiency. 

Our TIP portfolio consists of six different types: 

  • Sustainability: minimize production environmental impact and increase finished product eco-friendliness.
  • Safety: ensure operators safety and compliance with the latest regulations; we also certify upgraded machinery and make it eligible for obtaining financing.
  • Maintenance: minimize the need for servicing in general.
  • Performance: enhance overall machine performance also in terms of productivity.
  • Efficiency: stabilize level of achieved performance and enhance it further.
  • Rebuild: from basic functional checks to complete overhaul to keep machines up to date with latest technologies.
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Do you have any questions?

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