Taking intelligent refining to the next level

Valmet Fiber Furnish Control

Valmet Fiber Furnish Control for refining

The Valmet Fiber Furnish Control solution helps you rapidly achieve stable refined pulp quality, leveraging precision data from Valmet Fiber Furnish Analyzer (Valmet MAP Q/MAP) and Valmet Consistency measurements.

Maintain refining intensity - Real-time control ensures refining stays on track despite process changes

Save on energy and raw materials - Get the best refining with the lowest optimum input and reduce web breaks

Simplify refining management - Intuitive and easy user interface for operations, process engineering and maintenance

Refiner control application

Remove the complexity of refining

Successful refining requires measuring and balancing a multitude of variables. Pulp flow, energy consumption, pulp properties, and filling characteristics all influence refining and make the operator’s job a difficult one.

The Valmet Fiber Furnish Control effectively eliminates the typical challenges of refining. Automated intelligent control reduces the need for manual intervention and allows operators to focus on other aspects of process control.

Get measurable results fast

Combined with Valmet MAP Q and Valmet Consistency Measurements, the Valmet Fiber Furnish Control delivers significant improvements over the short and long term, both in product quality and energy economy.

Implementing a complete refiner control system has never been easier and with minimized risks. The short, predictable installation and commissioning of the Valmet Fiber Furnish Control mean you can get your refiner control up to full speed fast. As soon as it is turned on, the Valmet Fiber Furnish Control stabilizes refining and allows your facility to run closer to process, equipment, and economic limits.

  • Reduce variability in drainage and fiber properties
  • Better production performance with fewer web breaks
  • Lower energy consumption
Fiber furnish control application

Cost-effective furnish control

A fully integrated application package, the Valmet Fiber Furnish Control includes diagnostics and safety interlocks, as well as commissioning instructions out of the box. Several communication protocols are available in addition to Valmet Industrial Internet.

The Valmet Fiber Furnish Control uses proactive multivariable specifically designed for the refiner process. On the basis of the process models and controlled variable setpoints, the control regulates all manipulated variables simultaneously.

The Valmet Fiber Furnish Control can be added into existing Valmet DNA or QCS systems or installed as a complete standalone solution. An intuitive user interface for operations, process engineering, and maintenance is available to local control rooms. Remote support is available as well.


Valmet Fiber Furnish Control Brochure