The easy way to reach your lime mud quality goals

Valmet Lime Mud Moisture Measurement

Gain complete control of your lime mud quality with online measurements using the Valmet Lime Mud Moisture Measurement. You get precise, reliable moisture and temperature data thanks to advanced infrared sensing technology.

Get better lime mud quality and stability through online data and continuous follow-up

Improve lime mud filter performance with more proactive maintenance

Achieve significant energy savings with more accurate power control and improved lime kiln capacity

Lime mud moisture measurement

Optimize lime mud for maximum performance

The Valmet Lime Mud Moisture Measurement rapidly delivers online information about lime mud moisture and temperature.  State-of-the-art infrared technology ensures excellent measurement accuracy at an extremely high measurement rate.

The moisture measurement is not impacted by the lime mud composition or other factors in the immediate environment. The infrared light is focused into a high-intensity beam at the measurement point. As the beam penetrates the lime mud, it is absorbed by water and by solids at different wavelengths, always revealing true moisture level in the solution.

Use online measurement to monitor lime mud filter performance on the conveyor belt and improve lime mud quality.  Lime mud filter performance can be seen immediately in the online moisture measurement, helping to plan timely lime filter maintenance. The measurement can also be used as a feedforward measurement for lime kiln power control.

Intelligent, maintenance-free measurement

Sophisticated optics enable an extremely wide measurement distance range, helping you optimally position the measurement installation. As a no-contact solution without wearing mechanical parts, the Valmet Lime Mud Moisture Measurement is essentially maintenance-free.

The sensor requires no cleaning, even in a dusty environment. Extensive self-monitoring features such as internal temperature, humidity, and power consumption keep the measurement running smoothly. Built-in intelligent eliminates aging effects such as measurement drift, ensuring consistent and reliable results over the lifetime of the sensor.

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