Keeping power boilers corrosion free

Valmet Corrosion Reduction Analyzer

Corrosion is an especially tough problem for power boilers when biomass and recycled fuels. The Valmet Corrosion Reduction Analyzer delivers new insights to help you keep super heaters healthy and power boilers hot.

Improve the performance and longevity of superheaters

Optimize power boiler fuel mix for more economical purchasing

Keep your power boilers running with higher availability

Corrosion reduction analyzer

Extend superheater lifetime

Power plants are using more and more biofuels and recycled fuels. Alkali chlorides present in these fuel types accelerate corrosion superheaters, significantly reducing their lifetime.

In an industry first, the Valmet Corrosion Reduction Analyzer is ready to face the fire and assist in monitoring and controlling corrosion. By analyzing gases produced from power generation, the analyzer gives you a clear view into process conditions. Once you know the conditions you can use the most cost-effective fuel mix to run boiler at acceptable corrosion risk.  

In addition to extending the lifetime of your superheaters, the Corrosion Reduction Analyzer helps reduce failure risks and unplanned shutdowns.

Manage power boiler fuel diet with real-time data

Using proven titration technology, the analyzer collects hot flue gas inside the furnace near the superheaters for online analysis. By measuring the total chlorine concentration in the gas, you know how much fuel chlorine you currently have.

With real-time information of process conditions, you can confidently control fuel diet to minimize corrosion. The analysis results about fuel chlorines can also be used to optimize fuel purchasing processes.

Easily start controlling corrosion now

Taking the Corrosion Reduction Analyzer into use is safe and simple. The sampler probe can be installed and maintained while the boiler is operating.

The sampler has its own integrated cleaning functions to keep it operating despite the harsh boiler conditions. A remote reporting system for the analyzer is also available for condition monitoring. All Valmet analyzers are supported by our global service network.


Valmet Corrosion Reduction Analyzer Brochure

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