Improved machine efficiency and long lifetime

The proven choice for board machines - Valmet Forming Fabric OP

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In addition to featuring a long lifetime and effective dewatering, the fabrics must have a good retention capability, minimal fiber and water carry, high dimensional and diagonal stability, as well as good fiber support. Not to forget the contribution to energy savings thanks to lower drive loads.

Excellent dewatering

Long running times

Best wear resistance

Stable run

Strong seam

Saving energy



Valmet Forming Fabric OP provides 25% better fiber support and 15% higher CMD stiffness than traditional SSB fabrics. Although the fabric is thinner and has a void volume almost 10% lower, its wear resistance is almost 20% better than that of a traditional SSB fabric. The seam is also 50% stronger, mainly due to the lock binding.

Lock binding gives tighter binding

The tighter binding of the OP forming fabric means:

  • lower caliper
  • lower void volume
  • less internal wear
  • higher fabric stability
  • stronger seam

Based on these characteristics, this innovative forming 
fabric has contributed to many production records on 
packaging paper machines worldwide.

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