Rod beds for board and paper machines

Reliability, performance and reusability with Valmet Rob beds

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Rod beds are characterized by three attributes: reliability, performance and reusability. By reliability we mean better and more stable runnability for your process. Performance includes long a lifetime with excellent results. Reusability means less waste and significant cost savings.

Stable runnability

Long lifetime

Less waste

Significant cost savings

Solutions for your needs 

We divide our huge selection of rod beds into three main groups by their material and design. Polyurethane (PU) rod beds, polyethylene (PE) rod beds and insert rod beds. 

Read about the performance of Valmet Rod Beds below in terms of paper quality, lifetime and cost effectiveness - with five stars the highest performance and one the lowest. 

Rod Bed Description Paper quality Long lifetime Cost efficiency
Rod Bed PU Excellent profitability in smooth rod coating and superior tolerance against impurities in recycled fiber process Stars5.png Stars5.png Stars 4.jpg
Rod Bed PE-UHMW Long lifetime in virgin fiber grooved rod process Stars4.png Stars5.png blobid0.png
Rod Bed PE-insert The most cost-effective rod bed type blobid0.png blobid0.png Stars5.png

Excellent results with Valmet Rod Bed PU 

Case 1: Better coat weight profiles 

To compareValmet Rod Bed PU and a competing PE rod bed, we monitored the coat weight profiles in a customer’s machine with a two-sided film sizer. The coat weight was 8 g/m²/side. 

The results proved Valmet Rod Bed PU’s excellent profitability – the basis weight profiles at the PM reel were much better than peaky profiles competing in the PE rod bed. 

Case 2: Tolerance against impurities from recycled fibers – annual cost reduction 36% 

The excellent tolerance of Valmet Rod Bed PU against impurities from recycled fibers leads to increased lifetime for rod beds and therefore decreased costs. 

It was shown in a customer’s machine that Valmet Rod Bed PU could be reused four times after the grooved rods have been worn out, leading to a six-week average lifetime for Valmet Rod Bed PU. At the same time, the average lifetime of competing PE rod beds was less than four weeks. The annual costs of rod beds decreased by 36%. 



Valmet Rod Bed PU can be reused four times after the grooved rods have been worn out 
Excellent profiling properties with Valmet Rod Bed PU 
Much better basis weight profiles at PM reel compared to competing PE rod bed 
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