Refiner Segments – Low consistency refining for board and paper

Customized, patented solutions for your specific needs

Through the proven refining legacies of Valmet, GL&V and J&L Fiber Services, Valmet offers the paper and board industry’s widest, most trusted portfolio of patented and customized refiner segments for low consistency refining. Reach energy savings, shive reductions, freeness improvement, longer segment lifetime and more with Valmet Refiner Segments.

Reach energy savings

Maximize fiber strength

Maximize segment life

Improved quality

Expertise in Refiner Segments

Let us be your co-driver for success. Our refining experts work in close cooperation with you to design and produce segments that are tailored to your individual needs. They understand your refining goals and the many related process variables that are critical to achieving success.

You can optimize the low consistency refining operations by

  • Monitoring and optimizing as many hydraulic, mechanical and process conditions as possible
  • Ensuring that the proper designs and alloys have been selected

Improve performance and reduce CO₂ with Valmet’s Low Consistency Refiner Segments

​​Maximize the efficiency and enhance sustainability with Valmet Refiner Segments. Combining your expertize with ours, we can improve your performance, and squeeze that extra mile from each part of the process. Valmet offers the widest most trusted portfolio of refiners and refiner segments.

Here’s how some of our customers have benefitted:

1. Energy savings / Cutting CO₂ emissions

  • Valmet’s energy saving refiner segment designs can save up to 30% compared to conventional segments 
  • 9 kWh / ton energy savings and 699 tons CO₂ savings / year by utilizing dams in refiner segments (case: corrugated paper machine customer)
  • 13 kWh/ ton energy savings and 2695 tons CO₂ savings / year with cutback refiner segments (Unbleached Softwood Kraft Linerboard Machine)

2. Improved quality

  • Maximized fiber strength 
  • Shive reduction

3. Maximized segment life

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Valmet Refiner Segments – Pro safe

Pro safe segments are easy to lift and positioned for easy, user-friendly mounting. Designed to minimize risk and prevent injuries to the user’s knuckles, hands or back, Pro safe cast segments weigh 75% less than traditional, full-size segments.

Let us be your co-driver for success

In close co-operation with you, we understand your refining goals and the many related process variables that are critical to achieving success. If you wish to get further information like technical specifications, need a quotation, or wish to discuss different solutions, fill in the contact form and our experts will contact you shortly.

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Paper360° article about Valmet's commitment to safety

Paper360° article about Valmet's commitment to safety

Building safety in products and systems.

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More patterns, optimum design for refiner segments

Valmet Low Consistency Refiner Segments give customers the flexibility to customize their approach to fiber processing to achieve specific goals in refining performance.

Valmet offers a wide range of patterns/features to low consistency fillings and segments for all existing LC refiners on the market.

Alternating deep groove Maximize groove width for less plugging. Achieve maximum hydraulic capacity, KM/Rev and increased wear resistance for longer life.
Attack bar
Tilted bars towards the direction of rotation for more sustainable bar leading edges.
Constant angle Refine with a pattern that features bars positioned at a constant angle from the center circle of the segment.
Equal flow Control shive content without sacrificing the strength properties of the pulp in mechanical pulping processes.
Maximum flow Pumping inlet bars for increased hydraulic capacity.
Micro bar Achieve optimal refining performance in applications requiring significantly denser designs mainly for hardwood and mixed pulp applications.
Milled bar Refine with a pattern featuring precisely machined bars and grooves; particularly for low intensity refining of bleached hardwoods.
Parallel bar Refine with a pattern that features bars positioned parallel to one another across all segment fields.
Pro safe Lighter and safer than conventional segments. Weighing approximately 75% less than traditional alternatives, Pro safe segments are safer and easier to position while bolting to a mounting surface.
Reverse flare groove Prevent plugging with grooves that widen from ID to OD.
Turbulence dams Improve fiber treatment with better fiber-to-blade contact with a pattern that features subsurface Venturi dams in the grooves of the ID zone.
Ultra low intensity Maximize fiber strength development with a segment featuring virtually zero bar draft (0.5 degree) and a large open groove for longer life.
Variable groove Improve performance with a pattern that forces pulp into the disk gap.

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