How to invoice Valmet

The primary method of sending invoices to Valmet is e-invoicing

The primary method of sending invoices to Valmet is e-invoicing

Here you will find the full list of invoicing addresses. For any other Valmet entities not mentioned in the Invoicing addresses please turn to your Valmet procurement contact for more information.

Invoicing addresses

Send your invoices via inter-operator electronic invoices

  • Valmet’s operating partner is Basware Oyj (BAWCFI22)
  • Register with to see various alternatives to start e-invoicing

Key-in your invoice

  • Submit your invoice data through a free of charge service portal if you have small invoicing volumes towards Valmet and no e-invoicing connectivity available

How to key in

Send pdf-invoice

  • While we strongly recommend e-invoicing or key-in service you can send invoices also by email in pdf-format
  • Use this alternative only if e-invoicing or key-in service is not an option

How to send PDF

Valmet reference is extremely important information in all circumstances. The reference needs to be provided in a standard format.

  • Include NO extra text, numbers or characters in ‘Order number’ or ‘Your reference’ fields
  • One invoice should only refer to one Valmet company and one Valmet PO

Invoices with Valmet purchase order Include Valmet purchase order number in the ‘Order number’ field of the invoice
Invoices without Valmet purchase order Include Valmet reference person in email format in the ‘Your reference’ field of the invoice