Sustainability360º Agenda

Valmet’s Sustainability360° Agenda takes a comprehensive approach to sustainability across Valmet’s value chain. The agenda covers Valmet’s entire value chain including the supply chain, own operations and the use phase of Valmet´s technologies at customer sites.

The agenda is based on the assessment and evaluation of the topics that are most material to the company’s business and stakeholders within Valmet’s value chain. The nine main material topics of the agenda are grouped around three focus areas: Environment, Social and Governance. For all the material topics Valmet has defined targets, actions and KPIs, and they are integrated into Valmet´s strategy process and annual planning.


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We enhance circularity and environmental efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions through the entire value chain. Valmet aims to enable fully carbon neutral production for its customers by 2030.


  • We enable our customers to apply circularity through longer circulation, closed cycles and the use of renewable and recycled raw materials.
  • We constantly increase resource efficiency of our own processes and maximize the use of recycled materials in our technology.


  • Our climate program includes ambitious CO₂ emission reduction targets and concrete actions for the whole value chain for 2030.
  • We aim at reducing CO₂ emissions in our supply chain by 20% and in our own operations by 80%.
  • We also target to enable 100% carbon neutral production for our customers and to improve the energy efficiency of our current offering by 20%.

Environmental efficiency

  • We continuously enhance environmental efficiency in our own operations and together with our suppliers. 
  • Our process technology, automation and services are designed to improve raw material, energy, water and chemical efficiency.



We promote an engaging work environment, commit to the health and safety of our people and partners, and strive to be a responsible corporate citizen.

Engaged workplace


  • We continuously look for ways to increase employee engagement and develop the best talent.
  • We value diversity and promote an inclusive and well-managed work environment.

Health and safety

  • We invest in a positive safety culture and leadership.
  • We constantly improve our HSE processes and practices towards our common goal of zero harm.
  • We collaborate with our customers and partners to improve contractor and customer site safety.

Corporate citizenship

  • We participate in selected local programs under the following themes: Towards the future with science, Protecting the planet for next generations and Equal opportunities for wellbeing.
  • We work in close operation with selected universities and research organizations globally.



We follow ethical business practices, ensure a sustainable supply chain and report in a transparent manner.

Ethical business practices


  • Our daily operations are guided by Valmet’s Code of Conduct and related policies.
  • We have integrated sustainability criteria into our compliance and due diligence processes.
  • We have a standardized global way of working according to the ISO standards for quality, environment and health and safety.
  • We have a systematic approach to sustainability management

Sustainable supply chain

  • We have a comprehensive sustainable supply chain process including supplier risk assessments and audits.
  • We continuously work to improve the transparency of our supply chain.
  • We have a global supplier sustainability engagement program to drive transformation.

Transparent reporting

  • We are an acknowledged industry leader in sustainability and promote transparent and assured reporting on our progress and impacts.