Customer case:

Mondi Štěti PM7: more capacity with reel and winder rebuild

Apr 29, 2020

Mondi Štětí PM 7 wanted to free the finishing area of PM7 from bottlenecks. Valmet's solution was a fast parent roll change 'Dual Unwind' with a butt-joint splicer and automatic parent roll transfer, which increased winding capacity by 62%.

Everything was well organized. There were no delays, and the delivery was on time.
The cooperation was excellent.

The fast parent roll change was the key in this project. The parent roll change time has been massively reduced.”  
Helmut Riesenberger, Senior Project Director of Mondi


Location Mondi Štětí mill in the Czech Republic

Key technologies


Bottlenecks removed in the paper machine finishing area:

  • The winding capacity increased by 62 percent due to fast parent roll change time - winder downtime during the parent roll change close to nothing
  • Reel bottom waste was minimized, and highly efficient turn-ups were achieved
  • The parent reel diameter increased
  • Safe operation meeting safety regulations
Keywords Paper & board, Rebuilds, Europe

Technical data

Grades Calendered specialty kraft papers: High-quality sack kraft and specialty kraft papers
Start-up  2019

Winding capacity increased by


Reel bottom waste mini-mized