Customer case:

Sellable sack kraft paper in just three days after press section rebuild

Aug 18, 2016

Modular design made the rebuild of the entire press section of PM 5 at Mondi's Štêtí mill very easy. Only one week was needed for commissioning and start-up. Minimized shutdown was achieved as the press section was pre-assembled for fast onsite assembly and it's smart modular design reduced the civil works needed. Also, both technology and automation was supplied by Valmet which ensured smooth project all the way.

Helmut Riesenberger, Senior project director at Mondi Štêtí
All the efficiency figures like time efficiency, material efficiency and speed efficiency have improved compared to the values we had before the rebuild.
Helmut Riesenberger, Senior project director at Mondi Štêtí


Location  Mondi's Štětí mill in Czech Republic  
Customer challenge

Outdated press section caused poor web runnability, breaks and high energy consumption 

Solution Total remake of the press section into center roll based OptiPress Center press section with related machine control system.  

Improved dryness resulting in better web runnability and less steam consumption.

Improved end product quality like tensile and stretch, good porosity values.

Keywords Board and paper, Automation, Europe, Rebuilds

Technical summary

Grade Brown sack kraft paper
Basis weights

60-120 g/m²

Wire width 7 400 mm
Design speed 1 200 m/min