Customer case:

MOPAK gives Valmet top marks for proactive project management

Aug 18, 2015

They gave us 24 hr/ 7 day coverage for 2 months and communicated well with our people. Four weeks after startup all is perfect with the Valmet system. It’s the best automation system project so far in MOPAK’s mills.”
Ruhi Molay, MOPAK’s Managing Director


Location MOPAK Dalaman, Turkey
Customer challenge MOPAK management was disappointed by projects managed by other suppliers. They looked for excellence in project management from Valmet as it is “a key factor that sets a supplier apart from its competitors.” explains Mr. Ruhi Molay, MOPAK’s Managing Director.
Solution In addition to ensuring excellent system functionality, Valmet’s Turkish engineers were adept at consultative engineering by detecting and solving process problems. This included adapting consistency control strategies, control logic, noting piping problems and process instrument calibration.

The initial consistency control strategy didn’t work as planned so the Valmet engineer had a better idea how to control.

In the fast startup the mill reached 85% of its production objectives in three weeks. The rest would come in the following weeks. 

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