Customer case:

Stora Enso keeps seven decades old board mill competitive with automation upgrades

Jan 23, 2024

Stora Enso Imatra Mills has improved its BM2 line operating environment with a web-based Valmet DNA User Interface. The user interface was specifically tailored to display the most essential data based on user needs and roles, making the users’ work easier. Sami Nurminen, Project Manager at Stora Enso: “Valmet DNA User Interface is very convenient, because it allows us to access the whole process view with one system, instead of switching between different ones. The information in the new user interface is well-organized and visual, so we can quickly understand the state of the process.”

Sami Nurminen, Stora Enso and Markus Buuri, Valmet (standing) at Stora Enso Imatra
We wanted to simplify the operating environment by filtering out the unnecessary data and showing only what matters most to each user. The new history tool in the user interface is also a great improvement, as it’s easy to use and intuitive. We can easily see trends and zoom in on specific time periods, if needed.
Markus Rautio, BM2 Day Supervisor
The new user interface is easy to use and meets our expectations for a clear operating environment. Our operators learned how to use it very fast and are pleased with it.
Sami Nurminen, Project Manager


Location Imatra, Finland


  • Product: Liquid Packaging Board
  • Capacity: 280000 tn/year
  • Sheet width: 5660 mm
  • Speed: 750 m/min
Valmet DNA Scope
  • DCS with 10 000 physical I/O:s
  • Machine and drive controls for 141 Profibus drives
  • Quality Control System with 4 scanners
  • Analyzers and measurements for stock preparation, wet end and laboratory, profilers like moisturizer and coat weight profilers
  • Machine condition monitoring
  • Field device manager
  • Valmet DNA User Interface covers 6 operator stations in two control rooms, 6 field panels and 4 big screens in the machine hall
Results of user interface upgrade
  • At-a-glance overview helps to understand the state of the process quickly
  • Easy to see trends and zoom in on specific time periods
  • Web-based user interface can be connected with the mill’s other systems to increase efficiency
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