Customer case:

Tammervoima targets throughput maximization

Mar 22, 2022

Tammervoima waste-to-energy plant in Finland targets throughput maximization by measuring the flame front location with Valmet Grate Combustion Vision application.

Measuring the flame front location helps with throughput maximization
Our plant is one of the most reliable ones and Valmet’s camera system with developed features supports our target to run continuously in future.
Mika Pekkinen, CEO, Tammervoima


Location Tampere, Finland
  • Maximize the yearly run time with only few days per year for shutdown and maintenance
  • Avoid unnecessary shutdowns and process disturbance
  • Poor visibility to grate and combustion, no visibility to unwanted objects on grate
  • Hot spots on grate degrading grate irons and increasing need for maintenance
Solution Valmet Visible Thermal Imaging System installation with Valmet Grate Combustion Vision software measures flame front location and combustion intensity parameters from the camera image.
  • Measured information of the flame front location can be utilized in throughput maximation
  • HD Quality image for process monitoring to avoid upsets and unnecessary shutdowns
  • Tool to control the grate speed of individual sections
Keywords Waste-to-energy, Flame front monitoring, Automation, Finland