Customer case:

Quantum of the Seas, RCCL

Jan 2, 2018

Royal Caribbean International has several advanced vessels sailing around the world. From the Quantum class, one of them is Quantum of the Seas, the cruise ship. The ship is equipped with Valmet’s automation and flue gas cleaning technologies.

The combination of the scrubber and automation makes my work easier. Emissions are easily visible on the Valmet DNA screens. And they are clearly below the limits."
Javier Caballero, Second Engineer, Quantum of the Seas


Location Shanghai, China to several ports in Japan

Customer challenge

The target to offer a safe and environmentally friendly experience to passengers

Valmet DNA automation system to cover the machinery, air condition and emergency shutdown systems.

Energy management system to operate the ship in the most cost-effective way.

Valmet SOx flue gas cleaning system for environmental performance 


A reliable automation system with functional descriptions in use.

Energy flows can be monitored in real-time, performance explored and energy consumtion optimized.

Emissions are clearly below the limits.