Customer case:

Hyogo Pulp invests in both quality and process control

Nov 26, 2018

Hyogo Pulp Tanigawa mill has responded to changing customer needs as an unbleached kraft pulp (UKP) maker. It has taken aggressive steps toward developing UKP manufacturing technology and with its highly efficient production system has grown to become the largest UKP supplier in Japan, ranking among the world's top suppliers.


Location Hyogo pulp, Tanigawa mill, Japan

the need for ISO standard pulp quality measurement results has increased recently and espcially for export grade pulp sheets.

Stablize the causticizing process.


Valmet Fiber Image Analyzer and Valmet Recovery Liquor Analyzer to ensure the highest quality of pulp in addition to improving process efficiency


Faster measurement, easier procedure and more accuracy measurement results to ensure the high pulp quality and the causticizing process operation has been stable.

Keywords Pulp quality, stable causticizing, pulping, Japan