Customer case:

Improved safety skills at Vallvik Mill with Online Learning

Oct 18, 2017

When it was time for us to renew our certificates, we also saw a need to provide our most experienced operators with additional training. Vallvik Mill operators improve their safety skills with Valmet Online Learning courses with safety in focus.

We want to provide all of our recovery boiler operators, both the experienced operators, as well as the less experienced operators, with the best prerequisites and skills to deliver excellent performances. Since Valmet also includes safety aspects in their online training, we decided that this was a superb addition for our operators’ regular (internal and external) training agenda.”
Sofia Strandvall, Plant Manager at Vallvik Mill, Sweden


Location Rottneros, Sweden
Customer challenge

The Swedish organization, known as the Recovery Boiler Committee, is continuously working on ways of ensuring that recovery boiler operators have sufficient skills, especially in regards to safety. Therefore, all current operators must since 2016 renew their certificates every seventh year.

This has increased the need for efficient ways to perform safety training as well as ensure Recovery boiler system and process knowledge.


Online courses for “Recovery Boiler Safety Training” and “Basic Recovery Boiler”, delivered in Valmet Online Learning portal with test, follow-up and tracking features.


The recovery boiler safety online learning course will help Vallvik operators in managing their certificate renewals a lot faster and with better results than earlier.

Keywords Online learning, training, safety, recovery boiler, Sweden, e-learning, rottneros, vallvik mill, operators, certificates, Recovery Boiler Committee

Technical data

Valmet Online Learning Valmet's customer training platform, Valmet Online Learning is built on Moodle, an open source Learning Management System (LMS) and used for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of e-learning courses. 
Standard online courses

Valmet has a large library of standard e-learning courses in different languages covering almost an entire pulp and paper mill and industrial/municipal power plants. New course developments and upgrades of existing courses according to the plants’ technical evolutions are continuously being performed.

Scope of supply

- Recovery boiler standardized online course

- Recovery boiler safety online course

- MyPlant customer specific page

- Included licenses: 15