Customer case:

Valmet took total responsibility in Karlsborg and got the order

Apr 3, 2019

When BillerudKorsnäs Karlsborg in northern Sweden replaced the old quality control system in the drying machine with a new modern one, a certain rebuild after the dryer section was necessary in order to get enough space for the grammage and dry content scanner. Due to the fact that Valmet could take the overall responsibility for both the rebuild and the control system, Valmet got the order and now the grammage and dry content control is done by a Valmet IQ System.

BillerudKorsnäs Karlsborg produces 330,000 tonnes of bleached softwood pulp out of which 130,000 tonnes are pumped to the paper mill producing bleached sack papers, kraft papers and formable paper (FibreForm).
To sum up the whole project we are very satisfied with how it has been run as well as with the cooperation with Valmet. The result has been very good and we look forward to a continuation during which the grammage profile in the cross direction will be controlled as well as possibly some other quality parameter.
Mattias Arvidsson, Project Leader at BillerudKorsnäs Karlsborg


Location Karlsborg, Sweden
Customer challenge The previous control system in dryer machine TM3 had passed its technical life span and investing in a new system was necessary. The machine is quite cramped which meant that a certain rebuild after the dryer section was needed in order to make space for the dry content and grammage scanner. Valmet was the only supplier who could take total responsibility for the whole package of rebuilding and control system.

Valmet took total responsibility of rebuilding and control system and now the grammage and dry content control is done by a Valmet IQ System. The mill can control grammage and dry content profiles as well as coordinate speed in the machine direction as the signals from the system influence the pulp flow, pressure in the headbox, machine speed and steam flow to the dryer.

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