Customer case:

80% less winding broke with iRoll

Apr 26, 2017

Sappi Alfeld mill, PM 2 has a complex process of producing wide mix of specialty paper products. They have a strict tolerance towards defects in shipping rolls which led to high amount of winding broke.

With iRoll,we have made a huge step forward in improving the winding quality.”
Dustin Jeckstadt, Project Manager, Sappi Alfeld


Location: Sappi Alfeld mill in Germany
Customer target: 

Sappi Alfeld focused on production efficiency. They set the quality standard high, only rolls with a perfect appearance and profiles would be accepted. At the same time material efficiency must be improved.


First winding broke was decreased with manual hardness profile optimization and by using iRoll Portable. For better results iRoll Reel hardness profile control with a soft Valmet Reel Drum Cover RS was installed on the reel. Also Valmet IQ CD Controls multivariable profile controls system was taken into use.

Results: Profitability improved, mill met the requirements for high speed, top product quality, a wide product mix and excellent material efficiency. 

Technical data

Grades:  Specialty packaging and label grades
Basis weight:
Ranging from 50 to 180 g/m2
Wire width:  5,150 mm
Production speed:  1,200 m/min