Customer case:

Successfully improved doctoring process at IKPP Perawang Mill

Aug 13, 2019

After a previous PM6 rebuild project in 2012, IKPP Perawang Mill was looking for opportunities for further improvements in the machine runnability and performance. Cooperation with Valmet started and the desired improvements were found through a comprehensive review of the doctoring process.

Valmet improved doctoring at IKPP Perawang in Indonesia
We’ve been very satisfied with Valmet’s doctor blade holders, so we’ve renewed our order. Compared with conventional ones, Valmet Doctor Holder Compact enable easier maintenance. The time saving is up to 50%, and we require less manpower. Changing or cleaning doctor blades as the machine is running has increased overall efficiency by 3%. And Valmet offers good support during the startup.”
Aska Ramadhan, Process Engineer


Location: Sumatra, Indonesia
Customer target: The primary goal of the project was to boost machine runnability and performance and find potential areas for improvement.
Solution: Valmet checked and documented the current status of all doctoring positions with the help of several on-site studies. Based on the findings, an improvement plan was made to cover the whole doctoring process.
Results: The improvement plan has enabled a better doctoring result, reduced doctoring-related downtime and facilitated holder maintenance operations. Optimization of the doctor blade types has also reduced the customer’s net working capital tied to the doctor blade inventory
Keywords: Board and paper, Asia-Pacific, doctoring