Customer case:

Improving press performance step by step at Thai Cane PM2

Jun 20, 2018

The main factors affecting press performance are press felts, roll covers and vacuum system. Changing any of them immediately impacts the others. Thai Cane Paper tackled press section problems in close cooperation with Valmet’s Laem Chabang Service Center and global experts.

Valmet is our partner and gave us good service and support for these improvements.”
Sontaya Tunsaranuwat, Thai Cane Paper Production Department Manager

Summary table

Location Thai Cane Paper mill, subsidiary of Packaging Business in SCG, Thailand
Customer challenges The mill had challenges in their PM 2 press section. Press felt life time was too short, dewatering was poor and sheets tended to drop of during pick-up or follow the top-ply wire and they had issues with felt marking.

A four-phase improvement project:

1. Focus on press felts and dewatering 

2. Optimizing the vacuum system

  • Perforated Uhle box covers were taken into use improving dewatering and enabling to close the extra vacuum pump.

3. Improving sheet dryness and roll performance

  • Valmet Press Roll Cover PP was installed
  • Average dryness after press immediately rose
  • Total drive load of second press fell and as new cover operates without water-cooling it saves money

4. Training to ensure high performance

  • Mill staff was trained to maintain the results
  • Steam consumption decreased
  • Allowed the mill to permanently close vacuum pump
  • Achieved higher dryness after the press
  • Extended felt lifetimes with improved quality
  • Better nip dewatering and reduced drive loads resulting in energy savings

The average steam consumption decreased from 45.6 to 40.2 tonnes an hour