Customer case:

Aktül with a mission to grow

Feb 15, 2018

Five years ago Aktül Kağıt’s mill in Pamukova, Turkey was a Greenfield. Now it is a flourishing plant which started up its second Advantage DCT 200 tissue machine supplied by Valmet on February, 2016 and outside the main building a new converting plant is materializing. But the real feat is the world production record of 74.047 annual tons for conventional tissue machines.

It is three key factors essential for successful operations. First is the machine itself, which needs to be reliable and efficient, second to have optimized raw material and third our staff, the human beings. All these three factors has to collaborate for maximum success. If you look at the team, we have only five years of know-how and experience but we have had good support from Valmet. Two other things for the success is the exact planning of the start-up and cross functional project team. The start-up date for PM2 was set two years ago. On February 29 2016 we started on the agreed day, not a single day of delay and it was the same for PM1. This was a very big success for the organization and our way of working as one team together with Valmet.”
Erkan Tirnavali, General Manager

Aktül Summary

Location Pamukova, Sakarya Province, Turkey
Customer challenge  New tissue mill
Solution Advantage DCT 200TSx2 line including Advantage ViscoNip press. Own electricity production from Cogen plant lowering the energy costs and improving the efficiency.

Aktül’s two Advantage DCT 200TS tissue machines are running at high speed and with an efficiency rate around 90-93%. The total production capacity is 150.000 tons annually. When the new converting line is up and running the converting capacity will be 125.000 tons per year.


Tissue machine data

Type 2 x Advantage DCT 200TS
Width 5,6 m
Design speed 2.200 m/min
Energy consumption (steam, gas, electricity and water) 1.848 kWh/ton
Efficiency 93,1% (Maximun Paper Production)
89,2% total efficiency
1,67% sheet breaks
Capacity PM1 74.047 tons/year
206,2 tons/day