Customer case:

APP is investing to reach the world’s highest production capacity

Nov 24, 2023

APP is scaling up for the future with the investment in a huge new paper manufacturing complex in Rudong, China. The mill aims to realize the benefits of scale by taking advantage of digitalization, future-oriented design and energy-efficient technology. 20 Valmet tissue machines were delivered and successfully started.

APP in Rudong China invests in Valmet's tissue machines

Valmet and APP have been working together for a long time. The Rudong complex also perfectly illustrates our cooperation and it has been very successful in terms of both quality and speed. We’re pleased that all 20 Valmet paper machines were started successfully as scheduled. This has improved the quality of our products. It is particularly worth mentioning that pulp consumption is low, as is the steam consumption per unit.”

Statement from APP


Location Rudong, China
Customer challenge As China’s economy continues to grow, people’s living standards are improving and demand for household paper is growing all the time. To meet these needs, Asia Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd., one of the world’s leading pulp and paper companies, is investing in Rudong, Jiangsu Province, to establish a massive household paper production complex with the world’s highest production capacity.
Solution To ensure the best output per unit per capita, a low energy consumption final product and high quality to meet market demand APP selected Valmet. 18 Intelli and 2 Advantage DCT 200 tissue machines were installed. 
  • Low energy consumption
  • Increased softness and evenness of the paper products
  • Very little fiber refining is done
  • Production increase in ton
  • High speed in production
Machine type
  • Conventional IntelliTissue
  • Advantage DCT technology