Customer case:

Lowered gas consumption and improved energy efficiency with a new steam profiler at Metsä Tissue Mänttä Mill

Dec 22, 2015

Having had problems with fouling on conventional steamboxes, Metsä Tissue Mänttä Mill in Finland was doubtful about Valmet IQ Steam Profiler performance on its PM 10. Well, the doubts have been removed. In addition to better cleanliness, the results include lower Yankee hood gas consumption and improved moisture CD profiles.

Our investment payback calculations, mainly based on the energy savings targets, have now been reached. Quality improvement is a positive thing that we get as an additional benefit. Experience gained in Mänttä provides a base – a best practice – for other mills to investigate their energy savings potential with new-technology steam profilers."
Mikko Hänninen, Production Manager


Location Mänttä, Finland
Challenge Energy savings target, problems with fouling on conventional steamboxes
Solution Valmet IQ Steam Profiler
Results Energy savings targets of 10% on Yankee hood gas consumption reached. Better runnability and quality on the adjoining toilet paper converting lines due to improvements in moisture CD profiles. Fouling is no longer a problem.
Keywords Tissue, Europe, Automation, Improvements