Customer case:

Lila Kagit responding to customer needs

Feb 15, 2018

Lila Kagit, part of a Turkish textile company Marmara Group, is aiming to be the leader in the tissue paper market in Turkey with innovative and high-quality products manufactured using the latest technologies. Lila Kagit started their first tissue machine, supplied by Valmet (Metso at that time), in Corlu, Turkey, in 2007. Today, they are operating two Valmet Advantage DCT 200 machines and running continuous production at high speed has been part of their daily life. Tissue at 2 000 m/min has become a mill standard for the large 5.5 meter wide machines.

Success does not come automatically. There are a number of well founded decisions and, not least, a skilled group of people on the site behind it."
Mr. Orhan Ögücü, chairman of the Marmara Group


Location Corlu in the north west part of Turkey
Customer challenge

The intention with the new PM2 is to help Lila Kagit to reach their goals for own branded products as well as for export of jumbo rolls. Lila Kagits vision is to become the leading tissue and FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) supplier, not only limited to Turkey, but the whole Mediterranean region.

Solution Advantage DCT 200

Good training and understanding of the process has made them bring their PM1 machine up to top production speed, 2 000 m/min level. A good investment in the future.

Machine data

Type Advantage DCT200
Width 5,5 m
Max operation speed (yankee speed) 2 000 m/min
Production (at 17,5 gsm) 225 ton/day
Sheet design 2-layer
Basis weight range on reel 12-48 gsm
Creeping ratio range 5-30%
Yankee diameter 18 ft (5 500 mm)