Customer case:

SsangYong C&B optimizes tissue press nip efficiency

Feb 13, 2018

A press roll cover upgrade and iRoll technology, used for nip profile optimization, enabled SsangYong C&B to improve tissue dryness and felt profiles, save energy, and increase machine speed.

The results from cooperation with Valmet have been satisfying in energy savings and machine speed increase. We are looking forward to continue the development in order to improve the energy and production efficiency even further and to get more cost savings.”

Mr. Jong-Dae Byun, Director & Mill Manager, SsangYong C&B


Sejong, Jochiwon, South Korea
The main targets were improved energy efficiency, more uniform moisture profiles, extended roll cover and felt lifetimes and increased machine speed.
iRoll portable technology was used to analyze press equipment profiles in dynamic conditions to obtain the desired profile shape and symmetry of both the suction press nip and profiles. Roll cover material was changed from rubber to a harder polyurethane and grooving pattern was changed to enable efficient water removal.
  • Improved dryness and felt profiles
  • Skewness eliminated and crowning updated
  • Machine speed up by 30 m/min
  • Improved energy and production efficiency

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Tissue Machine Data

Production output
14–22 g/m2 range
Width 4,700 mm
Production capacity 100 tonnes / day
Tissue products Consumer bath tissue