Customer case:

Developing an energy saving control system for sewage sludge drying equipment with real-time moisture content measurement

Oct 18, 2023

Nippon Steel Engineering, in Japan, wanted to increase the amount of dewatered sludge to the drying plant. They relied on Valmet Dry Solids Measurement at the inlet of the pelletizing, and the Valmet High Solids Measurement at the output of the pelletizing. This resulted in their input moisture to increase 3.3% and the output moisture 1%. At the same time, their fuel usage per moisture input was decreased by 5.5%.

Nippon Steel invests in Valmet DS and Valmet HS
In order to increase the thermal heating efficiency there is a needed for this kind of real time and high performing measurements.
Mr. Oizumi Project Manager, Nippon Steel Engineering Co., Ltd., Japan


Location Nippon Steel Engineering, Japan
Customer challenge
  • Increase the amount of dewatered sludge to the drying plant
  • Reliable solids information of the  dewatered dry cake from different plants
  • Real-time customer acceptance level for moisture content of pellets

Nippon Steel Engineering has developed their processes with the following measurements:

  • Decreased fuel consumption in drying plant
  • Even quality for the pelleting process (suppressed moisture fluctuation)
  • Better quality for the end-customers and increased income

Better process control for pelletizing:

  • Input moisture was increased 3,3%
  • Output moisture was increased 1%
  • Fuel usage (digestion gas usage) per moisture input decreased 5,5%
  • Accurate follow-up of the end-product quality
Keywords Wastewater, Asia, Japan, Automation