Customer case:

Innovative measurements and automation improve sludge dewatering

Nov 12, 2021

Oulun Vesi, a utility company in Finland, provides high-quality and reliable water services to the region and runs two wastewater treatment facilities. Most of the wastewater is treated in the Taskila treatment plant, which is the biggest wastewater treatment plant in Northern Finland. Valmet’s automation and modern wastewater treatment solutions enable Oulun Vesi to stabilize sludge, treat it more efficiently and meet environmental criteria long into the future.

The Taskila wastewater treatment plant in Northern Finland
At Taskila, we have run our operations with Valmet’s automation systems and measurements for a long time, and we have good experience with them. That’s why it was a natural and easy choice to continue using Valmet’s technology in the new dewatering facility, too.
Jarmo Lahtinen, Operations Manager, Oulun Vesi


Location Oulu, Finland
Challenge The plant decided to build a completely new sludge dewatering system, as rebuilding the old one was no longer reasonable. A new system with modern solutions was needed to ensure the trouble-free and efficient treatment of sewage sludge well into the future.

Extension to the existing Valmet DNA Automation and Information Management System and advanced solids measurements for the new dewatering unit: Valmet Total Solids Measurements (Valmet TS), Valmet Low Solids Measurements (Valmet LS), and Valmet Dry Solids Measurements (Valmet DS)

  • Real-time sludge dewatering status information enables the adjustment of the process to get the desired dry solids content and centrate concentration
  • Stable sludge dewatering process
  • Efficient treatment of sludge
  • Savings in polymer dosing, energy and transportation costs
Keywords Wastewater, Solids measurement, Automation, Finland