Customer case:

Polymer saving by Valmet Total Solids Measurement

Jun 30, 2022

Marusumi Paper is a Japanese newsprint company producing 1460 tons per day. Until now, their wastewater treatment section had no online measurement of screw press dewatering machine fed sludge.

Marusumi Paper saves polymer dosage with Valmet TS
Previously, the amount of chemicals added had to be changed based on the results of regular sampling and manual analysis, but the online measurement enables a rapid response to changes in operating conditions. This has eliminated over or under-addition of chemicals and contributed to the stable operation of the equipment.
Marusumi Paper Co.,Ltd, Electric Instrumental Sec., Facilities Div.


Location Marusumi Paper, Japan
Customer target Reduction of polymer dosage and process optimization
Solution Valmet Total Solids Measurement (Valmet TS) installed at the inlet of a dewatering machine to provide reliable online consistency measurement to control and optimize the dewatering process
  • Polymer dosage saving
  • Improved moisture level for dry sludge
  • Optimize of dewatering machine running (flow, polymer, electric power, torque)
Keywords Wastewater, Solids Measurement, Automation, Japan