Customer case:

Reducing chemicals and costs brings savings to German city’s largest wastewater treatment plant

May 14, 2024

Rosental Wastewater Treatment Plant, in Leipzig required a continuous and reliable solid measurement solution for its primary sludge treatment and digested sludge dewatering process. Since 2021, the company has successfully relied on two Valmet Total Solids Measurement (Valmet TS) units, enabling the plant to significantly reduce its operating costs.

Valmet Total Solids Measurement installed at Leipzig Wastewater Plant
From the very beginning when we partnered with them, the Valmet staff has demonstrated genuine know-how and expertise while eagerly finding ways to ensure the measurement processes met our expectations.

They continuously provide us with updates regarding new developments and share new potential enhancements, so we're optimistic about collaborating with them on our centrifuge’s process optimization moving forward.
Marko Biewald, Operational Engineer at Rosental Wastewater Treatment Plant


Location Rosental Wastewater Treatment Plant, Germany
  • With a capacity of 550,000 PE it is Leipzig’s largest plant.

  • The facility uses mechanical, biological, and chemical means alongside an anaerobic sludge stabilization system to clean its wastewater.

  • The plant needed a more dependable measurement solution. They had attempted trials with other companies’ measurement solutions for sludge treatment and dewatering without success.

  • The measurements and readings they received were often inaccurate which made it time-consuming to optimize the treatment process.


Two online Valmet Total Solids Measurement (Valmet TS) units

  • Operators a full array of data and instant information needed to control and optimize the operation’s solids treatment process.
  • Performance remains unaffected by changes in sludge quality or flow rates, ensuring consistently accurate readings through processing high sample volumes and rapid data collection.
  • Accurate real time reading

  • Seamlessly optimized sludge removal from the clarifier, enabling minimization of water pumping costs during later stages

  • Steadily improved the efficiency of sludge treatment

  • All the important data needed to optimize the sludge processes is there and available to in real time

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