Information Management

Valmet DNA Automation System

Modern process plants generate a vast amount of real-time data that must be stored and processed efficiently for later analysis. DNA Information Management and DNA Historian solve this by combining process interfaces, calculations, and databases into one uniform solution. Databases store all measurements, setpoints, controller outputs, device statuses, motor starts, alarms, operation tracking etc. into history databases.

Historian database for process, alarms, and events data 

Valmet DNA Historian

Valmet DNA Historian combines process interfaces, calculations, and databases into one uniform solution, enabling efficient later analysis of collected data. All tools and applications can utilize data from all data sources and all process history is stored automatically.

Store and process up to 50,000 tags of real-time process data and all alarms and events online, and calculate basic aggregates on-the-fly. Length of history is scalable, limited only by the hard disk space available. Damatic XD/Valmet DNA/maxDNA process interfaces are in-build and DNA Report and DNA Operate can automatically use DNA Historian. External applications and systems can use the same DNA Historian via Web Services.

Trace cases of process disturbance

Valmet DNA Report

Turn data masses into meaningful information by utilizing a single troubleshooting tool for viewing trends with alarms and events. Benefit from access to the same information across all users – in control rooms and in the office. Informative reports, trends, analysis, and community tools are individually set up for each user and available in the web browser.

Valmet DNA Report allows data retrieval from multiple sources. Tags can be dragged and dropped from DNA Operate pictures or from Tag Master, and data exported to e.g. MS Excel. DNA Report Designer includes all required reporting functionality and calculations to create web reports without any knowledge of programming. Any report can be exported to PDF or MS Excel.

Operational disturbances analysis with alarms and events data 

Valmet DNA Report Alarms and Events Analyzing

Identify the most typical disturbances and plan corrective actions to achieve the full potential and capability of your process. Aim for continuous improvement through process optimization based on alarms and events information.

Valmet DNA Report Alarms and Events Analyzing improves the utilization of alarm and event information through a single report of event sequence. User-friendly and intuitive Valmet Report Portal and generic Valmet DNA tools can also be used to analyze data. The solution uses DNA Historian Alarms and Events collection with associated operator tracking from DNA Operate Alarms and Events Server.

Industrial diary tool for production event and knowledge handling

Valmet DNA Report Diary

Increase production organization’s communication speed, situation awareness, and ability to learn from past events by collecting, storing, analyzing, and reporting all production-related events and knowledge on a web-based diary tool. Share knowledge with colleagues near and far and overcome time and geographical barriers. All data is available on the Valmet DNA User Interface as part of the Valmet DNA Report.

Valmet DNA Report Diary makes it possible to list and view of latest process events, comment entries, search functions, and modify entry forms and classifications. The Report Diary utilizes the common login and IAM in the control room, enabling user-specific access to reports. Optional features include integration to CMMS systems, automatic entries by the system, and tailored reports.