Machine automation services

Valmet's machine automation services for board and paper

Valmet’s paper automation services offer paper and board makers unique automation expertise that goes beyond just technical know-how. The services integrate safety, processes, and machinery for improved control and higher reliability.

Increased availability and reliability

State-of-the-art technology

Problem-solving solutions for a variety of automation platforms

Automation solutions for several platforms

Our automation solutions include studies, upgrades, replacements, process improvements, and integrated projects. Valmet’s paper automation services provide problem-solving support for a number of different automation platforms, always according to customer needs. 

Why choose Valmet's machine automation services?

  • Increased availability and reliability
  • Access to profound machine and process expertise, including hydraulics and lubrication
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Problem-solving solutions for a variety of automation platforms
  • Experience from a large installed machine base
  • Remote and after-sales support
  • High dedication to project management and start-ups

Automation study

The automation study identifies the level and performance of existing machine automation.

Paper and board machine automation upgrades and replacements 

The runnability of machines and the availability of automation equipment can be improved through upgrades, extensions, or replacements of PLCs, HMIs, PCs, black boxes, and machine controls. Obsolete components and electronics are replaced with up-to-date technology.

Process and production improvements

Automation hardware and software, such as web break detectors, pick-up sequence improvements, and measurement systems, enable better process handling and improved runnability.

Integrated projects

Automation modifications and upgrades together with machine improvements or relocations are always implemented according to customer needs. Integrated automation projects vary from individual components or principle drawings to full-scope automation deliveries of entire machine section rebuilds. Paper automation services_integrated projects_570x300.jpg

Case: PLC upgrade at Stora Enso Skoghall board machine 8, Sweden

We have had a good working relationship with the Valmet check-out team during rebuilding, check-out and commissioning. The system solution and its rebuilding turned out well, and our operators are very pleased with the HMI panels. All the people involved from Valmet deserve big thanks for a well-executed project.”

Roger Hult, Project Manager, Automation, Technology & Investment
Stora Enso Consumer Board, Skoghall Mills, Sweden


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