Excelling with data

Apr 21, 2020

Mondi and Valmet have joined forces to take the performance of Mondi's Syktyvkar pulp and paper mill to the next level. Central to their current performance agreement is the increased utilization of Valmet’s Industrial Internet - VII solutions, which enable better use of data and a more collaborative way of working.

Mondi Syktyvkar optimizes cooking of three digesters and washing, oxygen and bleaching stages for the hardwood and softwood fiber lines

Mondi Syktyvkar, a fully integrated pulp and paper mill in Russia, has been using Valmet’s Advanced Process Controls (APC) since 2012 to improve the operational efficiency of their fiberline. The cooperation now continues for a further five-year period, because Valmet’s Industrial Internet - VII solution agreement enables further efficiencies and capabilities.  

Fiberline optimization continues with Industrial Internet applications

Mondi Syktyvkar operates three uncoated fine paper machines, one containerboard machine and a pulp dryer, as well as a wood yard, a pulp mill, a power plant and a wastewater treatment plant. Covering the entire supply chain in Syktyvkar from wood to paper requires special care if all the processes are to be designed and run sustainably and efficiently.

To support this approach, the scope of the VII solutions agreement covers the two fiberlines in the pulp mill, with cooking optimization for three digesters, as well as the optimization of washing, oxygen and bleaching stages for the hardwood and softwood fiberlines.

The continuing partnership seeks to gain further performance improvements by using Valmet’s Industrial Internet applications and remote expert support from the Valmet Performance Center. The solutions selected for the agreement are VII for Pulp Quality and VII for Chemical Efficiency.

The results look promising: Management of the entire fiberline and cooking optimization has resulted in maximized cooking yield and fiberline capacity exceeding the economic impact of the initial APC project, which has resulted in chemical savings of EUR 5 million.

Setting clear objectives with benchmarking

Using Valmet’s vast global installed base, confidential benchmarking with other optimization projects around the world help ensure targeted actions have clearly set objectives for future operational savings or improvements. Once a year, the Valmet expert team performs an on-site process audit supported by a remote specialist team, depending on the mill’s requirements. In addition to the annual audit of the process and equipment, the agreement includes several process area-specific on-site visits by the optimization specialist.

Identified innovations and opportunities with shared roadmaps for improvement can be easily followed in the Opportunities module of the Customer Portal. Long-term plans for equipment and process renewal are easily tracked and meet budgets well on time.

Working to shared performance targets

The process performance-based agreement represents the partners’ trust and confidence in their ability to excel in their own core competences. For Mondi, this means reduced energy and raw material costs, reduced process variability, optimized quality and production, and enhanced environmental performance. For Valmet, it means another satisfied customer and an opportunity for increased investment in process performance.


Mondi Syktyvkar is one of the leaders in the Russian pulp and paper industry and the largest domestic paper producer. The annual output of the mill exceeds 1.2 million tons of high-quality competitive products including office, offset and newsprint paper, containerboard, and market pulp.