Harmony of the Seas - advanced cruise ship with advanced automation

Nov 16, 2017

Harmony of the Seas, the world’s largest cruise ship, has sailed for almost one year now. Thousands of passengers have been able to enjoy the luxury and comfort on board the ship. This unique ship utilizes advanced technology and has chosen Valmet’s automation.

Advanced ship, advanced automation

Richard Fain, Chairman and CEO of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd, says: “Harmony of the Seas is the product of our zealous spirit of continuous improvement, where we have combined revolutionary ship design with the technological strides that have defined the Royal Caribbean brand.”

With a length of 362 meters, the ship, which was built at the STX France shipyard in the port of Saint-Nazaire, is the world’s largest cruise vessel. Valmet is the automation supplier for the machinery, power management, air condition plants and emergency shutdown system. Valmet’s work was awarded a prize from STX France for being the most punctual supplier, both when it comes to delivery of the hardware equipment and the programmed control and monitoring functionalities.

Harmony of the Seas, garden

“The world's largest cruise ship sets high requirements on its automation system. Based on our strategy, we have consistently focused on developing competitive technology for the marine sector. The biggest thanks go to our devoted team who has wide knowledge about marine automation and a customer-driven attitude. The best technology with Valmet DNA, as well as the teamwork among our professionals and all our partners, has contributed to the success of this project,” says John Weierud, Director, Marine Automation, Valmet.

Route in the Caribbean

The third vessel of the Oasis class, Harmony of the Seas, sails from Fort Lauderdale in Port Everglades to Nassau, St. Thomas, St. Maarten and back to Fort Lauderdale. The passenger capacity is 6,780. On board, there is something for everybody: an outdoor water theater, an ice skating rink, basketball field, and even a robot bartender to serve drinks, among others.

Harmony of the Seas, view

Of course, safety and energy efficiency are the number one priorities on a cruise ship. The crew with its 2,100 members is responsible for all safety issues. Energy efficiency is further promoted using equipment that also contributes to the well-being of the passengers and cost efficiency of the cruises.

The heart of the vessel

Valmet DNA automation system with the integrated information management system plays a remarkable role in assuring the operation for a safe journey every day. More than 42,000 I/O points and several comprehensive functionalities secure smooth operation and sailing.

Piotr Szczechura

Caption: Piotr Szczechura (in the middle) with Valmet's experts

Piotr Szczechura, Senior Electrical Superintendent, has confidence in Valmet DNA. He uses it for maintenance, control and monitoring. He explains: “Our expectations for the automation have been fulfilled. The Valmet DNA system offers very good troubleshooting possibilities. We have access to DNA Explorer, which allows us to understand the software logic. Also, the reporting tools are good.”

DNA Explorer builds the core of Valmet DNA’s engineering and maintenance. It is a powerful tool for control applications, fieldbuses and for network document management.

Gabriel Romero

Caption: Gabriel Romero using Valmet DNA

Piotr Szczechura states: “I have positive experience with Valmet DNA. It is a reliable and stable system. It’s our main tool, actually, the heart of the vessel.” According to Gabriel Romero, Operator, EN2, Valmet DNA offers a lot of information and is user friendly.


High reliability is required


In the marine business, high reliability is required for the safety of the personnel. Valmet DNA reduces risk with its redundant process buses and networks. The automation system has three high-speed networks, one per main system, redundantly linked via routers for maximum security and full transparency.

Ivo Marenic, Jan Fredriksen

Caption: Ivo Marenic from the Harmony of the Seas and Jan Fredriksen from Valmet

Valmet’s Energy Management System contributes to sustainability. Ivo Marenic, Chief Engineer appreciates the tool. “It makes sense, for instance, to follow the consumption of the fuel constantly. The only way to stay on top of the situation to control and reduce consumption is to measure it – and that can be done with the help of the automation system.”

According to Piotr Szczechura, the Energy Management System helps to optimize the operation of the vessel. For instance, every journey can be compared so that best practices can be defined. “We have been able to improve efficiency and are moving in the right direction.”

Mario Corino, Valmet

Caption: Mario Corino from Valmet looking for information

To create a successful cruise experience, many elements are needed. Royal Caribbean International has invested in the best automation technology. Ivo Marenic summarizes: “To offer passengers a vacation in a comfortable surroundings, automation is also needed. With the help of automation, we can monitor and control thousands of signals without any operator’s intervention.”


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Harmony of the Seas is the product of our zealous spirit of continuous improvement, where we have combined revolutionary ship design with the technological strides that have defined the Royal Caribbean brand.”
Richard Fain, Chairman and CEO, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.