Improved paper manufacturing with sophisticated paper ash management

Apr 6, 2021

Paper ash management is a very important part of the papermaking process, where poor controls will result in lower efficiency, lower quality, and higher costs. Valmet offers a new view on how these challenges can be overcome by using the right solutions.

Paper ash management discussion

Conventional ash management is not the most efficient way as there are disturbances coming from the wet end and long delays from wet end to the reel. Valmet offers solutions that eliminate the disturbances from the wet end and keep the final quality on target, allowing for better runnability, improved quality, and cost savings.

In the video below, our experts discuss principles and tools for optimal paper ash management. This panel discussion offers a view on Valmet’s concept and solutions on the topic. The video covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to typical challenges in ash management in papermaking
  • Solutions to improve paper ash management
  • Valmet’s complete solution