Success in the German Solar gas turbine market

Nov 22, 2021

NGT and Valmet have strengthened the gas turbine market together in Germany by modernizing seven gas turbines in the market in just five years.

When NGT Gasturbinentechnik GmbH & Co. KG of Moers in northwest Germany began working as a value-added reseller (VAR) with Valmet in 2017, greater opportunities for both companies resulted.

Johan Musch, Product Manager for Valmet gas turbine automation, started cooperation with NGT in early 2015. NGT has extensive experience in the field of gas turbine maintenance and overhauls, with the majority of projects in Germany. “At one of our regular visits, we learned about an opportunity where Valmet’s experience could complement NGT’s scope,” Musch recalls.

At the time, NGT was looking to offer Solar gas turbines for one of their customers. Valmet’s experience in Solar gas turbine automation combined with NGT’s retrofit experience resulted in seven Solar gas turbine modernization projects located throughout Germany.

“In our early discussions, NGT always appreciated our ‘can-do’ attitude,” Musch says. “And when the end customer needed a complete one-stop scope, this attitude helped us close the deal.”

NGT and Valmet_570.jpg

From left to right: Hans-Jürgen Werning (NGT), Johann Hilgers (Valmet), Roland Adamek (NGT), Johan Musch (Valmet), Niek Shotanus, Service Engineer, Valmet and Kari Heikkilä, Senior Sales Manager for Partner Business, Valmet.

Solar gas turbines open opportunities

Solar gas turbines are in the category of light turbines, which are lightweight and agile. Their heat rate and power output are well suited to energy industry installations, power backup units or mechanical drives.  

“When selling a gas turbine automation system, a customer typically requests mechanical work on the machines, as well. In this respect, the NGT-Valmet combination proved to be valuable for the new customer and enabled both companies to access a larger market share and deliver the complete control package,” Musch says.

Solar gas turbine_570.jpg

When selling a gas turbine automation system, a customer typically requests mechanical work on the machines. The NGT-Valmet combination enabled both companies to access a larger market share and deliver the complete control package.


For NGT, adding Solar gas turbines to our portfolio has expanded the company’s business and shop where we service gas turbine parts. NGT’s customers appreciate being able to integrate their gas turbines with the Valmet DNA Automation System,” say Hans-Jürgen Werning and Roland Adamek, owners of NGT Gasturbinentechnik.

“NGT offers the complete automation system package for Solar turbines, including an extended scope of supply, like generator automation, process measuring devices and valves, along with engineering and commissioning support by Valmet. Furthermore, NGT offers full service, such as zero-hour turbines, major overhaul, maintenance and inspections for the Centaur 40 and 50, as well as Taurus 60 gas turbines,” Musch says.

Improved turbine availability

The first six turbine automation modernization projects went to K+S GmbH, the world’s largest salt producer and one of the top global providers of potash. Valmet and NGT replaced the aging automation systems for the company’s chosen Solar Taurus 60S gas turbines.

Valmet’s turbine automation solution included a modular design and open system structure, which helped the joint team win the contract. Along with the main turbine automation package, the scope included machine protection, Valmet DNA Vibration Protection, the generator automatic voltage regulator (AVR) and protection, as well as generator synchronization and field devices. 

Since the upgrades, K+S has benefitted from improved turbine process behavior, increased capacity and higher availability at all its project sites.

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Seven machine automations in five years

Over the years, a strong relationship has developed with NGT. The first K+S turbine projects have been completed successfully – and the seventh one for Bayer AG in Bergkamen has been running smoothly for the past year.

Johan Musch says, “I think being flexible, open-minded and giving our full support when project challenges arise have helped with our success. Having open discussions and finding solutions that work result in a smooth project and satisfied customer.”

“During our last review meeting with NGT, we discussed our successful cooperation over the past five years,” says Johann Hilgers, Valmet Area Sales Manager for Germany. “Together, we have automated seven machines – and we both feel the future holds many other potential cases.”


For more information, please contact:

Johan Musch, johan.musch(at)


Johan Musch is Valmet Product Manager for Gas Turbine and Compressor automation system and has extensive experience in gas turbine systems.

 Johann Hilgers is Valmet Area Sales Manager for Germany, responsible for the Energy and Process Industry and supports the Turbine Business Unit development in the German market.

 Hans-Jürgen Werning and Roland Adamek are owners at NGT Gasturbinentechnik. They have extensive experience in the field of gas turbine deliveries and services.