First summer job in engineering field- Summer in Item management

Sep 23, 2021

Sini Alander

This summer, I worked Item Specialist Trainee in Item Management team in Järvenpää. This is my first summer job in technology field. I have learned a lot about paper machines and been able to utilize my first-year lessons from school. The job is very different from my previous jobs but only in a good way. In my summer job, I have developed my IT skills, my English language skills, and also able to us my school-based skills. I am surprised how good and extensive onboarding I have received, as my former job field did not have this opportunity. eLearning courses have been comprehensive and helpful.  I can recommend those to new summer workers that are worth looking through.

In my summer job, I have worked both independently and as part of the team and it has also been nice to receive more responsibilities. It’s awesome to see how you can ask for help from anyone and they are very happy to advise. I started my summer job by working remotely from home but after Midsummer I came back to the office. Three days a week at the office and two remotely is convenient for me, as I get to decide by myself when to come to the office and when to work from home. I also like flexible working hours, as I am a morning person myself, so I prefer to start work early.

At Valmet, we have been told about different career opportunities, and I have gained new enthusiasm for this. It has been interesting to listen to people’s stories about their career progression and I’m impressed how encouraging they are to new employees. This has given me a new enthusiasm to develop myself further and a new direction to my studies. I have been completely pleased with my work, the organization, my colleagues and everything that Valmet has offered me this summer.



Sini Alander

Item Specialist trainee