Thorough planning brings success

Jun 19, 2018

Södra Cell Mörrum’s dissolving pulp line has been upgraded with new TwinRoll presses in the brownstock washing area, which will increase the production capacity. The installation followed after very careful planning.

Södra Cell Mörrum’s Mill

Södra Cell’s Mörrum pulp mill commissioned Valmet to deliver and install three new TwinRoll presses to replace four wash filters. The project was carried out during fall 2017 on Södra Cell Mörrum’s dissolving pulp line, which produces dissolving pulp from hardwood. “The new equipment is part of a major investment to increase the production capacity of our dissolving pulp line,” says Anders Jeppsson, Manager of project at Södra Cell Mörrum.


The start-up went well, and we’re happy with Valmet’s start-up organization.

Södra Cell Mörrum is a state-of-the-art Swedish pulp mill with two fiber lines for production of paper pulp and dissolving pulp. Line 1 produces dissolving pulp from hardwood for the production of cellulose-based textile fibers. Line 2 produces long-fiber paper pulp from softwood.


New TwinRoll presses in brownstock washing for increased production capacity.

Successful start-up

Most of the installation took place during an 18-day shutdown. The two old wash filters were dismantled and the new wash presses installed. The shutdown was preceded by careful preparations.

“We kept to the schedule, thanks to careful planning. Planning and structure are the cornerstones in a project like this, where installation takes place in an existing plant. Everyone involved has done a great job,” says Jeppsson.

Valmet built a large platform around the wash presses as part of the project. This was done to provide Södra Cell Mörrum’s employees with better access to the machinery.

“The platform is a great installation that improves our work environment. All in all, we now have what we wanted to achieve good access to the wash presses,” says Sören Einarsson, Operations Representative at Södra Cell Mörrum.

Work during the shutdown was followed by start-up, and now the guarantee trials are also completed.

“The start-up went well, and we’re happy with Valmet’s start-up organization. A certain flexibility is always necessary during start-ups like this, and Valmet provided it. The training was also good. The guarantee trials turned out well, and so far everything looks positive,” says Jeppsson.

“Planning and structure are the corner stones in a project like this, where the installation takes place in an existing plant,” says Anders Jeppsson, Manager of project at Södra Cell Mörrum.

Excellent collaboration

The brown stock washing upgrade required teamwork between Södra and Valmet, and the collaboration went well.

“We enjoy a good cooperative atmosphere where we find solutions together. This is especially important in a project of this type, where many hours are devoted to planning. The careful planning that was carried out prior to the shutdown is a good example of a success factor for future projects,” explains Jeppsson.