Results from SCA Ortviken, Sweden

May 10, 2011

The objectives with the installation of the Valmet Process Optimizer at SCA Ortviken were less variations in pulp quality, increase throughput, reduced energy consumption and gaining the possibility of controlling/optimizing long fiber and shive content simultaneously.

SCA Ortviken, Sweden

The benefits obtained from installing the process optimizer on eight refiners and seven screening lines at SCA Ortviken follow:

Ortviken RGP82CDRefining

  • 50% reduction in freeness variation
  • 10% production increase
  • 5% less energy consumption


  • 50% reduction in freeness variation
  • 10% reduction of shive content

Other benefits

  • The possibility of minimizing shives, and maximizing average fiber length
  • Easy to establish the relative order between cost, quality and production
  • The adaptive system always finds the best settings, for example, after a segment change