Södra Cell Värö reached production world record with Valmet-supplied pulp dryer

Feb 28, 2020

During a test run on February 11, 2020 a production world record was reached on the pulp drying line, with a total running rate of 2750 air dried tonnes per day, corresponding to 458 air dried tonnes per day/meter, which is the highest specific capacity reached for a Softwood machine. During this test run the cutter has also achieved a top speed of 245 m/min, which is one of the highest in the world.

Pulp drying

“The dryer rebuild in Värö 2016 was quite remarkable. Södra’s team has done a great job in bringing this machine to capacity levels where we have only seen hardwood machines before. This is certainly a world class reference for softwood production”, says Paulo Aguiar, Vice president, Wood and Pulp Handling business unit at Valmet.

The rebuilt dryer, which started up in 2016, was part of a major mill upgrade at Södra Cell Värö and involved increasing the production capacity from 425,000 tonnes to 700,000 tonnes of pulp per year. The rebuild made the mill one of the biggest in the world in terms of softwood sulphate pulp production.

Valmet supplied key technology for the upgrade project

Valmet’s delivery included a new cooking plant, upgrades of the fiber line, pulp dryer, flash drying, baling line, evaporation and recausticizing and a recovery boiler rebuild.