Valmet-delivered flash drying and baling line and CTMP rebuild started up at SCA Ortviken mill in Sweden

Apr 21, 2023

The rebuilt TMP line, now converted to high temperature chemi-thermomechanical pulp, HT-CTMP, production has been taken over and is now operated by SCA Ortviken pulp mill. Tests runs have been executed and the quality of required pulp product mix has been approved.

The flash drying system and baling line was taken over in mid-February 2023, but the first pulp bale was produced already in December 2022. At that time, it was running on re-pulped bales from the SCA Östrand mill just for testing and finetuning of the system. Finetuning of the rebuilt CTMP line proceeded during February until finally reaching continuous pulp production and passing the tests run in mid-March and the whole conversion was taken over.

“The cooperation with Valmet has enabled SCA Ortviken to reach a new milestone through the realization of a modern pulp mill that gives us the conditions for a very high level of efficiency. We look forward to gradually scaling up production and contributing with even more climate-smart pulp that provides the conditions for making climate benefits by replacing fossil materials," says Kristina Enander, Business Area President of SCA Pulp.

“The SCA Ortviken BCTMP line will become the largest market pulp BCTMP line started. The challenges rebuilding a TMP line into BCTMP have been overcome through close cooperation and solution-oriented work between SCA and Valmet.,” says Lars Eriksson, Global Technology Manager, Mechanical Pulp at Valmet

“This is the first full-scale flash drying system we have delivered. It feels great that it is now operational. It is an energy efficient type of drying that we now have developed our own concept for,” says Fredrik Almberg, Director, Flash Drying and Baling at Valmet.

About HT-CTMP process

The high temperature chemi-thermomechanical pulp with its unique chip treatment method will minimize the operating expense of the production line. The process is an ideal solution for producing high yield pulp with high bulk and low shives content for future sustainable end-products.

About Valmet Fiber Flash Dryer

The Valmet Fiber Flash Dryer is a money saving alternative when you invest in a pulp drying line. The system handles both mechanical and chemical pulp and suits any process and pulp quality. The greater part of the plant can be built outdoors, even in areas with inclement weather, and the flexible system is easily adapted to existing buildings and machinery.

Information about the customer SCA Ortviken

SCA Ortviken in Sundsvall, Sweden, is a mill site in transformation. From having been one of the world’s largest publication paper mills, it will now become one of the world’s largest production lines for CTMP, using the parts of the infrastructure from the production of TMP and publication paper. There is also production of green energy on the mill site, supplying the Sundsvall district heating grid.

For further information, please contact:

Lars Eriksson, Global Technology Manager, Mechanical Pulp, Valmet tel. +46 70 632 2569

Fredrik Almberg, Director, Flash Drying and Baling, Valmet tel. +46 70 569 5756