Valmet strengthens links with Swedish universities

Sep 28, 2023

Valmet is currently collaborating with many universities and has now increased its presence on university campuses further south in Sweden, such as the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm and Chalmers in Gothenburg, where the research projects are more focused on Valmet’s main business areas.

Tomas Vikström of Valmet was recently appointed part-time Professor at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm.

Image: Tomas Vikström, Valmet.

Tomas Vikström of Valmet was recently appointed part-time Professor at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, working with Fiber Processes and he will teach courses at master and doctoral level. With his presence as a professor, Valmet intends to support and guide more research projects more actively which will further strengthen the presence in the research community.

“I’m excited about these progressive initiatives by Valmet in the university world and look forward to engaging with more students and potential future employees. I hope to be able to help raise the profile of the industry, leading to more interest from the students and deeper knowledge about Valmet as a company,” as well as doing research on our future technologies continues Tomas.

Valmet is also continuing its efforts in various research projects involving both universities and several other companies. “FLTU (Fiber processing technical unit) is currently involved in an extensive joint project called ‘Resource-Smart Processes’ together with Sweden's forest products industry, which supports about ten doctoral students at Chalmers and the Royal Institute of Technology. Five of these are directly working in Valmet’s key competence areas: Pulp cooking, washing and oxygen delignification,” explains Tomas Vikström, Senior Manager, Research & Development, FPU, Fiberline TU at Valmet.

Our goal is to engage with more students earlier in their academic careers, before they begin their thesis projects. Creating and interest to our industry, by supporting courses and projects in paper and pulp technology, transport processes, chemistry and process engineering, Valmet hopes to establish a reputation and visibility beyond the ordinary.