Tissue makers in China share their experiences

Jan 10, 2024

The Valmet Advantage™ ViscoNip® press is a patented unique product highly praised by Valmet’s tissue customers in China, as well as globally, for its unique flexibility, uniformity, energy savings and first-class product quality.

“For customers who choose the Advantage ViscoNip press, the benefits are obvious: 8-10% of drying energy consumption can be saved per ton of paper, the uniformity of the paper is better, the paper is softer, the thickness is easier to improve, and the output is higher,” says Zhang Kai, Sales Director of Valmet China 

Asia Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd., one of the world’s leading pulp and paper companies have over the last years invested heavily in digitalization and energy-efficient technology to expand for future growth.

The tissue paper produced on our Valmet machine is at the best level in terms of uniformity and softness, which leads to improved quality of the product. The most notable things are that both pulp and energy consumption are lower.” 

Phase 1 of APP’s Rudong household paper production complex.


Jingxing Paper Industry reports similar findings at their mill

The Advantage ViscoNip soft shoe press technology has obvious advantages as both fiber and energy consumption have been significantly reduced. The quality of the finished product is good, the uniformity of low-weight base paper is very good, and the appearance, texture, and uniformity of high-thickness and low-density base paper are better than many other brands on the market.” 

Lu Bin, Deputy General Manager of Zhejiang Jingxing Paper Industry Co., Ltd. Household Paper Business Department


Lu Bin, Deputy General Manager of the Household Paper Division, Zhejiang Jingxing Paper Joint Stock Co., Ltd.


Liangsheng has discovered multiple benefits with selecting the ViscoNip press

Valmet’s design is very successful with high adaptability and reduced difficulty of selecting the felt types. Performance is stable and due to its mature technology it is easy to operate. Further, the overall energy consumption data is also at a relatively good level for the industry.”

Zhang Hua, Deputy General Manager of Liansheng Pulp and Paper (Zhangzhou) Co., Ltd. Household Paper.


Liansheng Pulp and Paper (Zhangzhou) Co., Ltd. Household Paper 


The positive feedback and data from these tissue mills provide compelling evidence of the reliability of this unique product. According to Valmet’s own continuous tracking, compared with other tissue machines of the same type, energy consumption per ton of paper can be saved by 8.7%, and natural gas can be saved by 14.3% by using the Advantage ViscoNip press compared to a suction roll press concept.