Valmet Nonwovens end-of-line flexible solutions (webinar)

Nov 2, 2021

Today's nonwovens production lines are running at higher speeds than they were in the past. Faster machines demand higher performance to help nonwovens companies achieve their production and efficiency goals. Valmet has all the state-of-the-art technology you need for the downstream end of your nonwovens production line.

A webinar will be presented on Wednesday, November 10th by Robbie Miller and Eric Johnson, Valmet nonwoven product and process experts. Click HERE to register for this free webinar.

Valmet nonwovens end-of-line solutions create and maintain quality

Valmet nonwovens end-of-line solutions help create and maintain quality throughout your production process.

The webinar will increase your knowledge about Valmet nonwovens technology:

  • Understand Valmet's history in the nonwovens equipment industry.
  • See how Valmet is responding to the latest industry trends and providing new equipment offerings.
  • Learn about Valmet's end-of-line technology and automation solutions for nonwovens applications
  • Discover the benefits of partnering with the Valmet nonwovens team.

Valmet has a strong history of developing high-speed, high-performance equipment for tissue, paper, board and nonwovens applications. Further, our automation solutions enable seamless machine integration. Combining this history with Valmet's global organization and our new offerings for nonwovens, producers can move their performance forward.

A Valmet nonwovens partnership concentrates on improving flexibility, quality and performance. Flexibility is improved with our expanded equipment offering, standard and customized product availability and adaptability to your needs. Quality is increased with a strong Valmet history of high-quality equipment which preserves bulk and other web qualities. Your performance is heightened with our seamless integration which improves both your production capacity and energy efficiency.

Webinar excerpt

Valmet complete end-of-line package for nonwovens

Valmet complete end-of-line package for nonwovens

With Valmet's end of line solutions, we help create and maintain high quality throughout the nonwovens production process. Here are a few products that are part of our comprehensive package at your nonwoven machine's end-of-line:

  • Honeycomb® Roll: The versatile Honeycomb roll can handle a wide variety of webs, from wet and dry paper webs to plain and coated permeable membranes to delicate, highly permeable nonwovens, to textiles and heavy carpet. The revolutionary design of the Honeycomb Roll creates structurally rigid cells that deliver up to 3 times more open area than conventionally drilled steel shells. Honeycomb Rolls achieve open areas of up to 96% through the roll shell. This maximizes uniform airflow throughout the web and lower energy usage.
  • THRU-AIR® drying & bonding: Optimal product properties across the width and down the length of a nonwoven web require well-designed and well-understood through air dryers and bonders. From many years of proven results and application of proprietary system models, Valmet’s Thru-Air systems provide the highest thermal efficiency and the lowest variation in temperature and through air velocity in the industry..
  • Defect management & quality control system: With flexibility, expandability, and adaptability in mind, Valmet developed its own future-proof automation and PLC platform called Valmet DNA, which includes a unique web based user interface. It is a scalable solution that brings the control of your nonwovens end of line package together seamlessly. The graphical interface is incredibly user-friendly and provides unique features such as: a historian solution that allows the user to "rewind" the control screen to see changes in process variables, simplified ways to understand the permissives and interlocks for a given piece of equipment, and condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. We also offer a full range of scanning online quality measurement equipment including profiling actuators and closed loop controls. Valmet offers analyzers to measure fiber properties online and in the laboratory. We have market-leading technology for web inspection and web monitoring.
  • Winder & slitter rewinder: When producing quality nonwoven products it is important to effectively unwind, process, rewind and prepare the new parent reel for delivery to the floor or next stage of the converting process. All this needs to be done in a manner that imparts minimal stress to the web and maximizes the preservation of built in product characteristics. Valmet has developed a winding and rewinding concept that involves several sections of the end line: winder, slitting/rewinder, finished reel removal, handling/packaging system and all associated automation.

For more information on Valmet nonwovens solutions, view the webinar and talk to your Valmet representative.